Second part. Cuban route and transport

Of course, if you want to have a unique holiday, it is necessary to reflect on every detail of the trip. If you already have airline tickets and you know how much time you will spend on your journey, you can start your journey.

HavanaSi travel time is 21 nights in Cuba. Travel time by plane and stops – 25 days. The initial stop is Havana, followed by a turn to Vinales – Havana – Cienfuegos – Trinidad – Bayamo – Santiago de Cuba – Varadero – Havana. 🔥
There are several ways to travel in Cuba. Depends on you whether you want to travel fast and expensive and authentic, or a little cheaper and slower. The first and simplest option is to simply pick up a local taxi. However, the prices of such carriers for tourists are, as is well known, much higher than for locals. HavanaSi also traveled with local taxis and buses. First, local taxis can be found and much cheaper carriers than to take in the first-ever city center. For example, for a trip from Havana to Vinales, the standard cost was about 90 to 120 CUC, but when we walked in the Havana neighborhoods, we accidentally made people who offered to take the same route for 60 CUC. What are the local cars? HavanaSi also had to drive with the American Chevrolet Bel Air, Ford Fairlane or Plymouth cars, and Russian Lada, Volga and Moskvich. You can imagine that the production of such cars began somewhere since the 1950s, so there are no amenities and conditioners. I had to go with cars that did not have side windows, asphalt was seen through the holes in the bottom and so on, but you always have good sound equipment with music – we guarantee.🕺🤗 Prices can always be negotiated when traveling by car. But most of the time, things happen through intermediaries, so everyone has to get their own cash. How successful you are to make it is your art.
There are several bus companies in Cuba. However, one bus line is for locals, others for tourists. Tourists are transported by VIAZUL bus company. When asked if you can go with other lines, we have always been directed to VIAZUL.🚌 Tip – Set up your itinerary, and if you travel by bus, book your tickets online before your trip. Why? First of all, buses do not travel so often, so go straight to the bus station, you can get the answer that the nearest vacancy will be only a few days later. Secondly, bus parks are not close to the city center. It takes a long time to get them, and it is an extra cost. The HavanaSi team walked several times on the bus station. We spent a lot of time, but our goal was to see the peculiarities of the local life and the areas and cities of the city.

Bus fares vary depending on distance. See prices and book bus tickets here:
It is useful to know if you want to change your route during a trip, this is not a problem. You can go to the bus station, they will refund you money or change to another desired route.

Traveler Memo:
4. Travel by car and bus VIAZUL
5. Cheaper way to travel – buses
6. Book tickets in advance and online (save time and money)
7. It is possible to change bus tickets or refund money