Part Five. Stay hydrated in Cuba

Average annual temperature in Cuba – 27 ° C. Of course, the average covers the rainy season. During the hot season, when all tourists travel, including HavanaSi crew, the air temperature usually does not fall below 30 ° C, plus the air is very humid. The first thing to remember is to maintain body hydration 🥛🥛. We recommend always having water with you wherever you go. It should be remembered that the water from the crane in Cuba is not good and it is not advisable to drink it. The Cubans first dig it and only drink it, but it is not advisable for a European body to drink it. Drink water only from bottles. When buying, not from the store, but from people, it is necessary to look at whether the stopper is already “punctured”. It may happen that people are already pouring water into used plastic bottles. Water prices are different. The cheapest 1.5 liter water bottle costs 0.70 CUC, but at tourist locations the price is up to 2 CUC 💸.
Cuban coffee – for lovers and lovers☕. At least one small cuban espresso – “real cuban coffee” is recommended on the trip. The Cubans are very much in favor of the coffee drink process. Coffee beans are roasted to true blackness, making local coffee even stronger, with its own specific taste. At breakfast, every Cuban offers a cup of coffee that is not worth abandoning, as the hosts are proud of their coffee traditions. Milk is offered at the coffee, but the milk is heated or made from powder. We tried to ask for cold milk, but the hosts always gave it warmed up. In our opinion, milk is heated so that tourists avoid certain diseases.
HavanaSi drank simple coffee, and with milk and espresso – cuban coffee aroma and strength, pleasantly surprised and awakened every morning.
And who just doesn’t say he is an abstinence in Cuba is quickly changing his opinion after a well-known Cuban rum. OmasRome is made from local sugar cane and is one of the main products supporting the economy. Rome, not just for parties, but also a natural remedy for stomach ulcers. We advise you to drink rum before and after food. HavanaSi traveled around Cuba for about three weeks, but none of the 4 members had any stomach problems. Rome? Why not. The most popular and cheapest Havana C … rum is about € 4.5 per 1 liter !!! Taste? It’s an incomparable thing to buy in European stores and Cuba. Cuban rum is more delicious a few times, so use it moderately. Cuba also has its own local production beer – Bucanero, Mayabe, Cristal. The latter is probably one of the most popular and easiest to freshen up in the hot season. Its cost ranges from 1 CUC to 2 CUC.
Uba Cuba is very associated with popular cocktails – Mojito, Cuba libre, Daiquiri and others. Everywhere benueisi, everyone offers “best mojito in Cuba”. We tested many cocktails. The Mojito’s best-known La Bodeguita del Medio bar costs € 5. In our opinion, the best mojitos in Cuba are definitely not different, but live music, the bar atmosphere and the environment, the mood of tourists and the spirit of Hemingway make up for everything. Cuba libre wasn’t our top choice, so we rarely tested it. According to E. Hemingway, the best Daiquiris cocktail is produced by the bar “Floridita”. We did not miss this famous bar in our touristic cocktail tour. Daiquiri was delicious. Nevertheless, our top – Best Daiquiri in Cuba – was discovered in the Cuban resort of Vinales, the bar – (Cine cafe – bar restaurante). Simple restaurant, but they offer a wide range of flavors of Daiquiri. Our favorite Daiquiri with pineapple .. Cocktail cup and size surprised. Cocktails are made with natural fruit, and we drink not only water with ice cream, but are happy to complement the rum to taste as much as desired. For this cocktail alone, I want to return to Vinales.
Alcohol (roma) in Cuba is probably cheap due to several things. First of all, they grow all the ingredients on their own island. Second, salaries are not high, labor is very cheap. Therefore, the cost of rum is low. Maybe because of this, prices in restaurants-bars (distinguishing only pure tourist bars) are not very high, so the price of drinks in bars is little different from the prices in the shops.
If you are making a Cuban rum tasting in Europe, our knowledge of rum registered luggage is allowed up to 2 liters. We exceeded the limits a little, no one tested us. We wish you success in passing the checkpoint 😊
Traveler Memo:
16. Always drink water (not crane only)
17. Cuban coffee – will awaken everyone
18. Rome is a great remedy for all diseases
19. Havana Cl * b rum prices from 6 CUC .. beer from 1 CUC.
20. You can bring back up to 2 liters of strong alcohol.