Donation and sponsors


HavanaSi creates and wants to continue and develop artistic, cultural and educational activities and programs that reach not only Lithuanian people but also foreign audiences. One of them is you or you might be on of them! Please  to contribute to our community!

Collaboration and partnership membership make it part of the community. Support the young people who create and use the gratitude of the community member.

2 percent system

2% does not cost anything, but offers great opportunities.

You can dedicate up to 2 percent of your paid personal income tax and contribute to HavanaSi projects.

How to Support Online:

Complete FR0512 v. 4. Application Form in the Electronic Declaration System EDS.

Join the Electronic Declaration System EDS.
From the top horizontal EDS menu, select “Declaration”, then “Fill form” in the left vertical menu.
Select “Request for support”.
Fill out the FR0512 v.4 form directly on the EDS portal.
Fill in the form with your personal details and fill in the fields marked with (!):
(!) 5 Tax Period – 2018
(!) 6S I allocate part of the tax to the beneficiaries –
(!) E1 Beneficiary Type – 2 [Beneficiary]
(!) E2 Beneficiary identification number (code) – 304607125
(!) E3 Tax Part Purpose – VŠĮ Dance House
(!) E4 Income tax (%) – up to 2.00
E5 – allocate a part of the tax until the tax period – until 2022 (if you want to donate more than one year).


We are very happy that Lithuanian companies and private individuals trust us and cooperate, support and exchange in barter, thus contributing to the educational culture of HavanaSi and active leisure time with physical activities.

We invite you to for a nice conversation. We will present our activities, events and we will definitely offer something special to you or your company.

Companies Trust in us and collaborate together:

Dome for events :

Piestro pie:

Video makers:

Juozas Statkevičius Couture:

Trendy Bar:

Energia Futura:

Viskas namams:

Pernod Ricard:

Ant dance studio:

Perla – traditional dance studio:

El Paso (Latviab dance school):

If you do have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: Contacts

We thank our partners for their trust and support and for our new friends of the future.