Salsa cubana

Salsa Cubana or Cuban salsa

Passion, crazy Latin temperament, Cuban-like exotica, Caribbean fever and emotions, no constraints and taboos, absolute sense of freedom, love, wild spirit, joy of communication – all this merges in Salsa Cubana. Born in Cuba and absorbed into itself an exoticly colorful and rich Afro-Cuban culture, Salsa is more than dance, a way of life, a kind of self-expression. Not surprisingly, Salsa is one of the most popular, if not the most popular social dance not only in Lithuania but also in the whole world. Cuban Salsa is one of the most authentic Salsa styles, and if beginner dancers mastered the basics of this dance, they could enjoy delicious basic combinations in pairs. Is there a more fun and effective way to dance in Salsa parties? Cuban Salsa is not possible to “smack” only because, apart from the Salsa pitch, the combination of fancy figures and hands, we gradually include a mix together with other dance styles closely related to the Cuban Salsa such as: Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban, Orishas and Salsa expressive body movements (Salsa Styling). In addition, during the lessons, we teach Rueda de Casino –  dancing in a circle, perform a certain pattern in a synchronous manner, followed by pairs. Cuban Salsa could be your dance if you:

  • like or want to move actively and recharge with good energy!
  • Dream of fun, creative activity with friends!
  • would love to expand your friends list!
  • Want to learn to dance for your enjoyment!
  • You like parties and activities with the same crazy people who love to dance!

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